No matter the size of your business, being able to accept and process credit cards has become a necessity for small and medium sized businesses. Credit cards are the preferred way of making transactions in today’s market, and consumers are demanding payment options for their purchases. More than ever, customers are avoiding carrying hard currency and choosing to use their credit cards to make purchases faster and more secure. By providing your customers with multiple payment options, and the ability to accept credit and debit cards from all types of financial institutions, you dramatically increase the chances that your customers will:

  • Make impulse purchases
  • Join loyalty and rewards programs
  • Spend more per purchase
  • Purchase high ticket items
  • Collect and Share CRM data for easy tracking
  • Purchase goods and services more frequently

Farmers & Merchants provides credit card payment processing solutions to businesses to help you grow and take advantage of the amazing opportunities merchant services brings! By digitizing your transactions and relying on our state of the art credit card processing technology, Farmers and Merchants State Bank can help you streamline transactions and ensure your customers' purchases are handled in a secure and effortless manner. Farmers & Merchants has helped dozens of Businesses with credit card processing and their merchant services needs.

Farmers and Merchants credit card processing for businesses include:

  • Mobile card readers
  • Expedited checkout
  • Fully secured hardware and software
  • On site sales and integrated point of sales systems
  • Up to the minute transaction reporting
  • Recurring billing software
  • Business and financial software integration
  • EMV compatible hardware (Required after October 1st)

Farmers & Merchants provides your business with all the credit card processing tools needed to start accepting credit cards from a variety of financial institutions. Not only can we provide the hardware and setup to begin taking credit card payments from your customers, Farmers and Merchants State Bank can also handle the account and credit transaction processing after a credit purchase has been made. A Farmers and Merchants State Bank merchant services account provides the back-end support needed to actually process credit card payments and make sure the funds are transferred from a credit card account holder to the merchant’s account.

Farmers & Merchants offers the following types of credit card readers for our partner merchants and businesses:

  • Countertop credit card readers
  • Handheld credit card readers
  • Wireless credit card readers
  • Mobile/cellular credit card readers
  • NFC credit processing readers
  • Check readers

Nobody provides credit card processing for businesses like Farmers & Merchants, with the software and support you need to begin taking credit card payments from your customers in a secure and efficient manner. Contact Farmers & Merchants today to find out how we can help your business become as flexible with payment acceptance as your customers need you to be.

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