1. Most Experienced Merchant Services Team in the Area

    Farmers & Merchants has collected a team with over six decades of combined experience, processing tens of millions of dollars of credit card payments for clients across the country every year. We work with business' from one to one thousand employees, and take pride in providing solutions tailor made to fit your needs and your customers’ wants.

  2. The Newest Technology, and the Support You Need to Make It Work

    Farmers & Merchants has been on the cutting edge of credit card processing technology, moving our clients in the direction of mobile payment processing and EMV chip readers long before the rest of the industry. More important than new technology is the ability to use it, and our 24/7 technical support service will get you up and running on the newest systems in no time.

  3. We Bridge the Gap Between your Online and Offline Business Seamlessly

    Using our online payment portal capabilities and our traditional top of the line Point-of-Sale systems, we can get your online and offline to sync up automatically. One set of books, one point of contact and only one account to worry about, that handles all of your needs on and offline. We also provide value added services such as gift cards, loyalty cards, online processing so your customers have convenience without giving your more headaches.

  4. Outstanding Ratings from the Chamber of Commerce and BBB

    Credit card processors have earned a reputation by burying fees, hiding the real costs and passing those costs onto their customers. Not Farmers & Merchants. We keep everything above board with our 100% transparency guarantee, and have earned outstanding ratings by business watchdogs for doing business the right way, and putting our customers first and foremost.

  5. We Put the Service Back in Merchant Services

    Farmers & Merchants understands that what every business owner needs is a partner, someone as invested in your financial success as they are in their own. With our friendly, hands-on approach and our willingness to go the extra mile to keep your business operations running smoothly, we’ve earned the trust and respect of each and every one of our clients.

  6. Big Market Expertise put to Work for Small Business Owners

    Farmers & Merchants specializes in providing tailor made solutions for credit card processing and payment acceptance for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re doing a thousand transactions a year or a day, our goal is to provide you with exceptional support and customer service and to keep your customers happy and transactions running smoothly.

  7. True 24/7 Customer Service, with as Little Downtime as Possible

    All of our equipment and services are backed by Farmers & Merchants and their 24-hour customer service and technical support, to resolve any critical issues you may have. Our goal is to limit downtime as much as possible for your store, and we will do everything possible to get your point of sale systems up and running again as quickly as possible.

  8. No Hidden Fees, No Surprise Charges, and No Hassle Ever

    Credit card payment processing can be a dark hole for some businesses, not knowing the rates they’re being charged or why those charges are happening. At Farmers and Merchants, our goal is to keep cost structure simple and easy to explain, and our rates as competitive in the market as possible. If you have any questions about a bill or charge on your merchant services account, call us for an answer without hesitation.

  9. Accountability, Transparency and Reliability you can Count On

    Farmers & Merchants understands that you have to put a tremendous amount of faith into your merchant services provider. It’s our job to make sure that your money gets where it’s supposed to: your hands. Our commitment to every customer includes 100% transparency, so you know where your money is going and exactly what processing fees are being charged.

  10. We Care as Much About Your Success as We Do About Our Own

    Being a partner of Farmers & Merchants means much more than signing a contract and seeing your money come rolling in. Our goal is to put you into a position to be financially successful, and to provide you the tools and path to achieve that success. We take a proactive approach, suggesting options and technology that can save you time and money in the long run. All part of what makes Farmers & Merchants the ideal Merchant Services provider and partner for your business.

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