Modern check out systems have evolved dramatically, integrating cash register and check out functions with back office management tools to create the electronic Point of Sale system most major retailers use today. Point of Sale systems have become a popular way to handle transactions with the customer while managing several internal functions at once. By handling all transactions digitally, the POS system can transform your business, helping you with inventory management, automated re-ordering processes, customer relationship management tools, up to date financial information and other tools that can save you thousands in time and lost expenses. Almost all national retailers have Point of Sale systems in place currently, but now the technology and processes have become affordable enough for even independent retailers and restaurants to purchase a Point of Sale system and tailor it to their specific needs.

Moving from a traditional sales model to a fully integrated Point of Sale system is much easier now, with hardware and software that is fully integrated, allowing for easy install and instant connectivity between devices and locations. Perhaps the best feature about Point of Sale software today is the ability to fully customize it to your particular business or industry. Every selection, report and automated process can be set to meet your needs, dramatically cutting down the time and energy spent in making sure customer demands are being met. Most important of all, every transaction is handled in a fully secure electronic manner, giving you a record of each purchase made in your store, and the ability to review any discrepancies in the reporting functions. Take comfort in knowing that even if you can't be at your store 24/7, the POS system you have in place is gathering and recording all the information you need to review and make sure that business is moving smoothly.

Farmers & Merchants can provide you with everything you need, from the physical devices, to the required software programs, to program set-up and optimization. Let us help convert you from the old system you're on now to a faster, easier to manage POS system that’s fully loaded with all the back office tracking, ordering and process management tools to make your job easier.

In one easy to install unit, all our POS systems include:

  • Cash register and cash drawer
  • GUI Touchscreen for both staff and customers
  • Credit card swiper
  • Receipt printer
  • Easy to manage graphical interface for customer and staff
  • Fully integrated secure credit card processing
  • Remote access for instant reporting
  • Unlimited SKUs and SKU generation
  • Matrix organized inventory
  • Bulk breakdown
  • Easy to set up promotional support
  • Gift cards/ programmable gift certificates
  • Customer loyalty tracking
  • Keep track of profitability, inventory, purchasing, staff and customers all at once
  • CRM: customer marketing, purchase history, customer mailing labels
  • Staffing: time clock functionality, staff pay and performance reporting, Staff CRM
  • Automated purchase ordering/re-supply ordering
  • Print barcodes/labels when new products arrive
  • Vendor CRM

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