Savings Designed for Business to Business Transactions

What most merchants may not know is that there are several levels at which a transaction can be processed. Level 1 is by far the most common for standard retail transactions, but level 2 and level 3 credit card processing exists for specialized clients dealing with large sized business to business transactions. Simply by reclassifying your qualifying sales as Level 3 transactions and providing the necessary information, you can take advantage of dramatic cost savings on credit card processing.

The Higher Your Level, the Lower Your Fees

It really is that simple. Level 3 processing re-classifies your Business-to-Business transactions by providing more information about the transaction. This increased information helps secure the process, guaranteeing that you are being charged the lowest rates for any qualified transactions.

As you classify your transactions into Level 3 processing, the effective rate on the transaction decreases significantly. Pay less fees on your most expensive transactions, and keep more of the sales dollars for your company.

What is Level 3 Credit Card Processing?

Level 3 Credit Card processing is a separate method of classifying credit card transactions, specifically for business to business sales. By including additional information with the purchase, it makes the transaction more secure. This additional security is rewarded with a lower rate to process. Almost all credit cards are eligible to qualify for either Level 3 processing, or a reduced rate for qualifying transactions.

How Do I Qualify for Level 3 Processing?

First, your business must be processing large ticket business to business or business to government transactions.

Second, you need a merchant services expert who can handle and process Level 3 transactions.

Finally, you need to have a point of sales machine that will collect all the necessary information at the time of the transaction.

It is important to note that standard credit card terminals cannot support Level 3 Credit Card Processing. You need specialized point of sales systems and a merchant services provider capable of handling Level 3 processing to take advantage of this savings opportunity.

Required Information to Qualify for Level 3 Credit Card Processing

  • Merchant Name
  • Date
  • Tax Amount
  • Customer Code
  • Merchant Postal Code
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Merchant Minority Code
  • Merchant State Code
  • Item Descriptions
  • Transaction Amount
  • Item Quantities
  • Item Tax Rates
  • Ship from Postal Code
  • Freight Amount
  • Duty Amount
  • Destination Postal Code
  • Destination Country Code

Team Farmers & Merchants has the technology and expertise to get your company processing credit card purchases with Level 3 compliance immediately.

How can help you save money with Level 3 Processing?

To take advantage of Level 3 processing savings, you need an experienced Merchant Services provider who can provide the technology, account set-up and back-end processing to save the most money possible on your Level 3 credit card transactions. Farmers & Merchants works with hundreds of qualified Business to Business and Level 3 clients across the country, and can help you take advantage of significant savings for your business on the transactions that matter most.

Find Out How Your Business Can Save Money on Credit Card Fees Today

In order to find out how we can help your business begin saving money today, contact Farmers & Merchants to see if your business qualifies for Level 3 and B2B credit card processing. We can have you set up to process and run business to Business credit card transactions in no time.

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